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#6145: BP 2.2 beta 2 - member-type can be changed by member on their extended-
profile page
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 Hi all. @r-a-y suggested posting here about this issue thinking it may be
 a bug, so I'll just copy what I originally wrote on the support forums:

 This new member-types feature is looking really great so far. I noticed
 though that a member can change their own member-type on the extended-
 profile back-end page. Is this intended to remain the default behavior?

 I can see reasons for both approaches (either under admin-, or under
 member-control), but I would think that allowing members to choose their
 own type might have undesired results. For example, in the
 ‘student’/’teacher’ scenario, presenting a page that lists teachers might
 need regular oversight. What do you think?


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