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#6094: Support custom group statuses
 Reporter:  Offereins    |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Groups       |    Version:  2.1
 Severity:  normal       |   Keywords:  reporter-feedback
 Currently there does not seem to be any plan for a Group Status API, but
 the set of filters already in place to add custom group statuses, is
 incomplete. Most importantly, the list of statuses for the Privacy option
 on the Create Group or Edit Group screens cannot be changed dynamically.

 === Current extendable logic ===
 I found the following filters to be present in {{{bp-groups}}}:

 {{{groups_allowed_status}}} filter in {{{bp_groups_admin_load()}}}
 {{{bp_groups_list_table_get_views}}} action in
 {{{BP_Groups_List_Table::get_views()}}}; only for adding views
 {{{bp_groups_admin_get_group_status}}} filter in
 {{{groups_is_valid_status()}}} checks component global {{{valid_status}}};
 used only once in BuddyPress
 {{{groups_valid_status}}} filter in
 {{{groups_allowed_status}}} filter in
 {{{bp_get_group_type}}} filter in {{{bp_get_group_type()}}}; missing
 {{{$group}}} argument!

 === Current hardcoded logic ===
 Within {{{bp-groups}}} the following locations contain hardcoded
 references to the various group statuses:

 in {{{groups_action_create_group()}}} - new group status
 in {{{groups_record_activity()}}} - hide_sitewide activity arg based on
 'public' status
 in {{{BP_Groups_List_Table::get_views()}}} - group views
 in {{{bp_groups_admin_edit_metabox_settings()}}} - Privacy selector
 in {{{BP_Groups_Group::populate()}}} - {{{user_has_access}}} prop based on
 in {{{BP_Groups_Group::get()}}} - there is no {{{status}}} arg in the
 groups query
 in {{{BP_Groups_Group::get_global_topic_count()}}} - counts by status
 in {{{BP_Groups_Group::get_group_type_ids()}}} - ids by status
 in {{{bp_group_is_visible()}}} - no filter
 in {{{groups/create.php}}}: Privacy selector
 in {{{groups/single/admin.php}}}: Privacy selector

 === Approach ===
 In {{{bp-groups-admin.php}}} a {{{@todo}}} states that the group status
 label [https://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/browser/trunk/src/bp-groups
 /bp-groups-admin.php#L1452 "should be abstracted out somewhere for the
 whole Groups component"]. Perhaps we can try to move this, along with all
 other status details, into a single place and have all current filters and
 other non-filtered locations use the set of statuses as a reference.

 Closely tied to the group statuses are group visibility and user access.
 In many cases the {{{hidden}}} status is hardcoded to be added to or
 removed from group (count) queries. Whether this should be looked into as
 well, I'm not sure.

 Would this approach be worth the effort?

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