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#5914: Registration form: Proposed enhancements for touch devices
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Thanks for the feedback, hnla. Since 'spellcheck' is a W3C CR, I think we
 should use it where appropriate.

 Regarding the proprietary attributes. We are different from "the larger
 entities" in that we are distributing software rather than a website. If
 browser implementations change tomorrow, Facebook can change their
 registration page in response. We're distributing something that we no
 longer have control over once it's out of our hands. So, aside from the
 ideological reasons for not using propietary/nonstandard attributes, we
 also have practical reasons for being conservative.

 All that being said, I'm pretty much on the fence. Adding these attributes
 would improve user experience in a non-trivial way. But I want us to be
 good web citizens too. If anyone wants to step in and break this deadlock,
 please do :)

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