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#6258: Update supported WordPress versions
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Comment (by netweb):

 Copy and paste of comments in #6174:

 Replying to [comment:8 johnjamesjacoby]:
 > Replying to [comment:4 netweb]:
 > > What versions of WordPress does BuddyPress support?
 > >
 > > Currently it's 3.6: `Requires at least: 3.6`, nothing explicitly comes
 to mind requiring the bump in required version, except for an opportunity
 to remove a or a couple of older versions (3.7 & 3.8) from Travis CI
 speeding up CI reporting.
 > I'd selfishly like to bump this for these reasons, but I think a few
 others see it as a badge of honor. Let's revisit this in 2.3.
 > I agree with this, it is an honour, and I am selfish also!
 In particular this, BP currently supports WP 3.6, it was simply far too
 complex to include it in the test matrix.

 > P.s. For reference, WP 3.6 was only removed from the Travis CI testing
 as it was going to be to complex to configure the pre and post switch to
 WordPress' new "develop" repo with `/src` and `/build` folders, see r8017.

 We could adjust the build matrix down significantly without changing the
 supported version.

 Rather than testing every version of PHP with every version of WordPress
 we could limit for example WP3.7 & PHP5.2, WP3.8 & PHP5.3, this would
 remove 8 jobs from each build, coming up with an ideal/optimal matrix is
 the hardest part of this decision.

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