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#6210: Create New Invitations API
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 I've been thinking about the component-ness of this ever since talking
 with @jjj about it, and I still don't think it needs to be a component (as
 I understand components to be--core code that includes critical user-
 facing functionality and is on a par with "activity" or "groups").

 However, once you add the ability to invite someone to the site or to
 manage a variety of invitations in a central interface, that probably
 happens via the user profile (like Invite Anyone). Since "add new
 features" is pretty far down the list (ha ha), I'm still considering this
 as a library, not a component, with the thought that some critical and
 awesome user-facing functionality to be named later could cause it to grow
 into component-ness.

 I'm really building a helper library at the moment, although I'm taking
 many code design cues from the notifications component.  I will also be
 taking cues from @imath's work on the non-component attachments API.

 Also, trac, why don't you email the ticket creator when the ticket is
 updated? :)

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