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#6194: BuddyPress administration not working
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 Hi back! Sorry to hear you're having this kind of trouble. Based on the
 information you've provided, it's difficult to assess whether this is a
 problem with BuddyPress, or some other piece of code that happens to be
 installed in your site that's also running BuddyPress.

 You have a few options to narrow this down:
 * Switch back to a WordPress default theme (like Twenty Twelve) and check
 if that fixes things.
 * Systematically deactivate one plugin at a time, and check which one
 might be interfering.
 * Disable any caching plugins to eliminate invisible and difficult to
 detect polluted cache values.
 * Check the error logs for the server your installation is running on, and
 look for PHP fatal errors, out of memory errors, etc…

 Once we can narrow down the cause, we can help work towards a solution, if
 it turns out something in BuddyPress is the culprit. Does that make sense?

 I'm also going to close this ticket, as it's currently technically
 “invalid” and more of a support request that traditionally starts in our
 support forums. Don't sweat it though; if we find a bug, we can reopen
 this ticket and prioritize it accordingly.

 I'm interested in talking more about how you're using BuddyPress, and what
 you'd like to see it help you accomplish. If nothing else, let's find time
 to chat outside of this ticket.

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