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#6191: Akismet integration using deprecated functions
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 >  We support out-of-date versions of WordPress, but I don't understand
 why we should support out-of-date versions of Akismet. I think we should
 just update BuddyPress to use the current/non-deprecated functions, and
 call it a day.

 I'm assuming that the non-deprecated versions do not exist in older
 versions of Akismet, which means that anyone with the old version will get
 a fatal error. In principle, I agree with DJPaul that we shouldn't bend
 over backward to support old versions of stuff like Akismet. However,
 causing fatal errors on BP upgrade - especially when we have no failsafe
 or even documentation in place to warn against the problem - seems
 unacceptable. On balance, I think it's better to add a bit of baroqueness
 to BP.

 It would be good to have more concrete rules about this going forward,
 though. There are very few plugins that we interact directly with in BP
 core, and it should be possible to come up with general rules for version
 support. (Akismet may actually be the only one - bbPress compatibility
 comes completely from bbPress.)

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