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#6534: A new API to manage single items navigation
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 Just to reinforce on the debate, as I've had a few problems with the
 BuddyPress navigation in the past, #6085. There are some areas I see could
 be improved. Firstly let me say that I find @boonebgorges idea/suggestions
 better as recreating the way he outlines will bring better organization,
 clarity and maybe will avoid and fix current problems with the BuddyPress

 The areas I think could be improved are:

 - Item creation both from top level items as well as for sub-items;
 - Menu order modification - Maybe make it easier to change the order of
 appearance of items in the nav and subnav. The problem that I had on #6085
 was partially because I removed and change names and order from the
 navigation and sub-navigations;
 - Removal of items and sub-items.

 Mainly and basically, make it easier for developers to remove, change, add
 items and sub-items without having much conflict. As I had to remove, add,
 change names and orders. Creating a custom organization, that's what I
 found difficult and had to deal with some problems.

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