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#6772: BuddyPress Embeds for activity, user profiles, groups
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Comment (by mrjarbenne):

 I think in sites that are more text-based, having an except/teaser is
 sufficient because invariably the content can't all fit within the embed,
 and readers will need to click further to consume the entirety of the
 content; but as BP moves toward becoming more media rich with tools like
 the attachment API (for example), allowing media-enriched embeds becomes
 more important. In the example above, in which @imath is showing a [read
 more] link for a post comprised solely, or at least initially (within the
 first 250 odd characters that would comprise an embed excerpt) of a video,
 I think showing that video within the content of the embed becomes
 expected behavior. If I post a video or picture to my media-rich activity
 stream (I'm thinking of functionality available not only in Twitter embeds
 but also Instagram and the like) I would want my audience to be able to
 see video within the embed.

 I think we need to parse out the intended differences between embedding
 something like a tweet, and embedding a post, and given that BP activity
 updates aren't character limited, appease both types of content.

 - When I embed a tweet, I do so within the context of a blog post, to add
 context or support an argument. I don't want my audience leaving my blog
 post to visit Twitter: I want them to get what they need from the embed.
 This also goes for YouTube embeds, Instagram embeds, Vines, etc.

 - When I embed a blog post, I'm expecting that readers will go and explore
 that post further, leaving my site.

 So is an activity update more like a Tweet, or more like a blog post? What
 expectation will end users have when attempting to embed an update from
 their niche social network out on their blog?

 If that BP site was one in which multimedia sharing takes centre stage, I
 would want media-rich embeds (a film-maker community in which video from
 multiple other services is curated together). If it was more text based in
 nature, particularly long-form updates, then an except becomes more

 It would be great to have functionality to appease both types of
 communities, if technically possible.

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