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#6736: Allow users to create WP posts on Buddypress Profile
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Comment (by crossifixio):

 Oh yeah. Been searching for the best approach to front-end buddypress
 posting with each users posts in their respective profiles.

 I've quite literally have spent more time searching and trying things out
 than I ever though possible. I was quite surprised.

 Of course blogging is not the focus of Buddypress, but "blogging" is not
 the same activity it was 5 years ago and we continually see a shift

 I very much agree with @Dono12 and will be doing everything I possibly can
 to come up with a great solution. I will be sure to revisit and post when
 / if I am able to get the time.

 As  @boonebgorges pointed out, it's not easy, but I do believe the
 percentage of people finding this of great value will increase. Especially
 a newer "audience" of '''company brands''' turning to this hybrid setup
 for a community engagement platform / area of their online efforts /

 Everything points to this direction.

  Plenty of signs and trends have been brewing this last year and show how
 companies, brands, and agencies are excited about building a "Community
 for their Brand" instead of primarily pulling people to their website,
 making a sale, then pushing them away to various social channels for the
 engagement. Social Media API's are making this much more feasible to flip
 it. Of course SM isn't going away, just adapting to trends / changes.

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