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#6772: BuddyPress Embeds for activity, user profiles, groups
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 I started to think about oEmbed for BuddyPress about 2 years ago. In one
 of my many notepads, I've got a bunch of ideas about it that I need to
 write up (I can't find it real quick, but I'll keep an eye out for it next
 weekend). For example, the media extracter classes I wrote some releases
 ago? It was built with embeds in mind so that we could always provide
 embeds with media.

 I suspect this will turn into a big discussion, so here's my current

 1. Any JS AJAX must use the REST API.
 1. Embeds will be the second BuddyPress template that is explicitly
 designed (emails will be the first). The template in WP core is too
 immature to consider using as a base template (etc) for ours. We must make
 the new template look and work great.
 1. This opens up new areas of contribution for designers, so we must use
 this to try to get new contributors involved.
 1. I think Activity would be a more usable thing to have embeddable than
 Profiles, so I'd suggest we start there. As we know, Activity isn't
 dissimilar in concept from Comments, so we can learn a lot by seeing what
 WordPress(.com and o.rg) does/might do here.
 1. Read versus write. A first pass at embeds could (should?) be read-only,
 but we need plans to have them be interactable. For example, likes and new
 comments. I think this is very important for a social network.
 1. I'm not sure if WP 4.4 does this, but we should register the current
 site as an oEmbed provider so people could highlight an Activity item
 (again, for example) in a blog post and have it "just work".

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