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#6771: Reason not clearly shown on Groups - Request screen in twenty* themes.
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Comment (by hnla):

 Yep, had forgotten the procedures and requested fom the group directory.

 We have a number of issues in reality here, covering both templates and

 Styling aside we do not have a great UI:

 * Two routes to applying or sending a request, one from action button on
 group dir screen and one from subnav screen in the group one automagically
 sends the request via Ajax without any further user input, the other
 allows the user to add a comment(optional)attached to their request.

 * Admin manage > sent requests screen pushes out the optional user reason
 to accept text nested in the heading element(h4) this is wrong and
 incorrect/inappropriate use of a heading element. that request text should
 be a paragraph and located outside the heading.

 * On request sent success screen in the group, our messages could be
 better displayed, currently we still display the request instruction
 message along with success request sent message but this pushes down the
 object nav and original message which looks clumsy.

 * Styling of the groups screens need attention, The li items should in
 theory have picked up more generic styling than they appear to have so
 that needs addressing  as the lists are essentially just a member list in
 terms of layout.

 Styling is a nuisance as all the twenty* files will need updating
 (probably) but more importantly we'll need to do a little work on the
 templates or the request list screen in particular. I'll look at breaking
 out a new ticket to cover some template updates.

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