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#6769: BP Users front.php
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 In the same manner that single Groups can have their home page overloaded
 by adding a template named 'front' and with the recent improvements made
 to that capability vis a vis how the menus re-factor themselves to account
 for Activity no longer being the index/landing page by imath it's time to
 bring the user account screens into parity with Groups.

 I think this is probably quite a sought after requirement as I certainly
 have had to build site pages that are far more general for users that act
 as a overview page where our current user screens are a little too
 specific to a single component.

 Whereas this task doesn't propose actually building usable screens but
 just bolting in the mechanism, I've had a thought of a further step we can
 take to allow BP community to submit working templates that might be
 downloaded & dropped in to sites.

 Encouraging the community to come up with custom user front templates
 would be a great way of getting people involved in the project, I envisage
 something along the lines of a small dedicated repo on bp github where we
 could curate submissions into a  small gallery, freely available for
 people to use, the authors get to see their work publicly available, &
 it's not as time consuming as building a full blown plugin.

 Curating shouldn't be too arduous, requiring simply running locally and
 checking that the template met some basic coding standards and didn't do
 anything silly. Keeping the templates updated would be the responsibility
 of each author, if not willing or able to the entry would be omitted from
 moving into a tag branch corresponding to new release version or something
 along those lines.

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