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#6603: Allow xprofile field values to be ran through oembed
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 I take the opportunity of this ticket to give my opinion.

 I remember (not precisely, sorry) under 1.2/.13 aera, where @boone
 explained (imo wisely) on forum (or trac?) that he wouldn't develop to
 much around xprofile fields to create a professionnal form builder with
 dozen of options, to let this to be handled by more specific plugins, and
 only if the user want to use some.

 Since, xprofile comes with a datebox, an url field, visibility settings,
 member types and is going slowly but surely to add an attachment feature.
 Anything is built-in today, fine, but not absolutely necessary for every
 BP usage. But if very strict field security bugs (because of all that
 mostly), they are for all user, what ever the usage. Gniiiiiiii ! This
 leads to an implicit imbalance in the component handling: for one xprofile
 is to weak, for another it's to strong.

 Nothing is ideal and pro and contras is a never ending debate. I would
 just say that it is sometimes time to take a breath, to look back and to
 appreciate when to add something or when to just give a possibility to add
 something. Or to find the best moment to stop and to not go to far.

 Sorry to say this (even with great decline), xprofile is on the opposite
 of that initial thought.

 Adding embeds ''à la wordpress'', by copy/pasting a wp allowed media url
 into a xprofile field (like used in text-editor) should be possible via
 the existing URL field. Under condition probably to remove/modify some
 existing restrictions/filters.

 This is not a feature, not an enhancement, not a "Wow! great improvement"
 but only an internal modification to do. Or at least, an opportunity to
 not only think how to add new features, but also for some existing, or
 potentialy pre-existing, to get them easier/better. Before building a gas

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