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#6570: Add UI for adding Profile Header Images for Users and Groups
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Comment (by r-a-y):

 Thanks for working quickly on this, imath!

 I've made some changes to the cover image template part - `02.markup-

 Patch does the following:

 * Moves the cover image into a separate element - `a#header-cover-image`.
 This is so we can control the cover image separately outside the main
 avatar and button markup.  Cover photo is also clickable using the `<a>`
 element (similar to Facebook).

 * Fixes an issue if an admin switches to a theme with a larger width and
 the cover photos were not taking up the width of the new theme.  Cover
 photo now uses this CSS declaration -- `background-size: cover` -- so the
 image takes up the remainder of the container.  I've also altered the CSS
 so the cover photo looks more consistent across different themes and have
 done some preliminary CSS work for our companion stylesheets.  Companion
 stylesheets are still a work-in-progress.

 * Shows the cover photo markup even if the user has not uploaded a cover
 yet.  I've set the default background color to `#c5c5c5`, which matches
 the Gravatar default avatar background.  This is so profiles without a
 cover photo will look consistent with profiles that have a cover photo.
 Also, this might encourage users to set a cover photo!  We could set the
 cover photo link if a user is viewing their own profile so it links
 directly to the "Change Cover Photo" page.

 * Latest member activity update now shows in the right-hand container with
 the at-mention name and buttons.  Didn't really like the member update
 cleared on its own line.  We could even consider removing the latest
 member activity update from the header entirely for our cover photo
 template part.


 Feedback for comment:33:

 **bp_set_theme_compat_feature() vs. add_theme_support()**

 A part of me would still prefer using `add_theme_support()` to declare
 cover photo support, but `bp_set_theme_compat_feature()` is pretty cool
 because devs can use the 'bp_parse_args' filters as in the
 `swifter_xprofile_cover_image()` example above.

 **File renaming**

 I'm fine with the proposed filenames for the cover photo.  For avatars, I
 think we should leave them alone for the time being.

 One really minor tidbit is for sites that are whitelisting BuddyPress.
 They might not like `wp-content/uploads/buddypress`.  It's a small thing
 that a dev can probably filter, but thought I'd bring it up.


 As BuddyBoss also has stated, I think people will want to crop their cover
 photo so it displays the way they want it to.

 ** Admin option**

 If we enable cover photos by default for every theme, I would agree with
 mercime that we might need to consider an admin option.  Not all site
 admins love dealing with code snippets to disable something that we force
 enable by default in a major release.

 Btw, this is the snippet to disable profile cover image support:

 `add_filter( 'bp_is_profile_cover_image_active', '__return_false' );`

 Should this be `'bp_is_xprofile_cover_image_active'`?

 I see some code to force the component from 'xprofile' to 'profile' in
 `bp_set_theme_compat_feature()`.  Is there a reason why this is done?  Is
 this because the xprofile component might not be active?

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