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#6426: 'fields' => 'ids' for activity queries
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 >  I'd be happy to stick with a plain activity IDs array in this case.

 Yeah. I keep trying to make us more consistent with WordPress, but it's
 hard. WP has `get_posts()`, which returns the `posts` array from a
 `WP_Query` object. We have a query class that returns a structured array
 (sorta like `WP_Query`), but our wrapper `bp_activity_get()` returns that
 entire multi-d array, instead of just the `activities` items. So either we
 follow WP here and return only the IDs, or we remain internally consistent
 and return `array( 'activities' => array( 1, 2, 3 ) ... )`. I guess I lean
 toward the latter, and maybe at some point in the future we can provide a
 convenience function that acts more like `get_posts()` in WP.

 > But, a dev would need to do the following to fetch all activity IDs

 This seems like expected behavior. `fields` is about the format of the
 return values. It shouldn't be a filter on the records returned.

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