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#6426: 'fields' => 'ids' for activity queries
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Cool! Thanks for working on this, r-a-y.

 >  If you pass 'fields=ids', this will bypass pagination parameters and
 return only activity IDs. I think it makes sense to bypass pagination in
 this case, but let me know if we shouldn't bypass pagination.

 I can see an argument either way, but I think that we should *not* bypass
 pagination in the case of `fields=ids`. If for no other reason than parity
 with `WP_Query`.

 > My question is should the activity ID be the array key

 My gut feeling is that we should only do this if we're going to do it for
 *all* activity queries (and perhaps for all content queries). WP's
 inconsistency on this point is not something we should try to emulate.


 > Also if you pass 'fields=component,type', you do not get any activity
 meta cache fetching, activity comment appending or 'has_more_items'

 As a developer, I would expect that I *would* get this stuff, except in
 the case of `fields=ids`. There are already independent ways of disabling
 meta cache fetching and activity comment appending. There's no way to turn
 off the 'has_more_items' checking, but if we think it's important to be
 able to disable that too, let's add a separate item for it.

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