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#6576: @since standard not parseable with phpDocumentor 2
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Comment (by netweb):

 Related: #WP31340

 Quoting DrewAPicture

 > I would encourage you to use or not use `@subpackage` tags at your
 > Part of the issue we have in core is that our parser currently only
 supports phpDocumentor 1.0 in which name-spaced `@package` tags are not
 supported and `@subpackage` tags are not deprecated. Thus the note in the
 WordPress documentation standards.
 > When we opted to write our standard, we heavily leaned toward historical
 precedence of the code base, and that's something that we've maintained
 through today. The benefit of approaching change in this way is that
 later, when the PSR-5 recommendations are finalized and approved, it will
 be that much simpler for us to adjust to those new recommendations.

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