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#6576: @since standard not parseable with phpDocumentor 2
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Comment (by tw2113):

 Replying to [comment:10 johnjamesjacoby]:
 > How about:
 > * `@since 2.7.0 BuddyPress (rxxxx) - Whatever the details are` where the
 (rxxxx) is optional. We've debated the usefulness of including the
 changeset in the past, but I have a tendency to use them in bbPress quite
 a bit for looking back in time very easily without loading up annotations
 every time.
 > * `@package BuddyPress` at the top of each file in the PHPDoc block
 > * `@subpackage Functions` underneath `@package` where "Functions" is
 some descriptor that works across all components (Actions, Cache, Classes,
 Assets, Filters, Functions, Loader, Notifications, Screens, TemplateTags,
 Widgets, etc...)

 I am going to start looking into changing things based on these
 guidelines. I have some time off to start the week which would make for
 some good contribution time. We will do this for both function
 declarations and hooks.

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