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#6576: @since standard not parseable with phpDocumentor 2
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 I have been thinking about about package/subpackage so glad to see you
 have too -- I think these help categorise the generated documentation so
 win/win, but I would like that discussed in another ticket to keep this
 one small and focused on `@since` (also, because I haven't got my thoughts
 together about it yet, so I can't reply immediately). I'll copy your
 comments over when I open the other ticket. :)

 I am against including the SVN revision number; I don't think we need to
 re-invent `SVN blame` and I'm not convinced it would be useful for the
 majority of developers. Interested to see what the others think.

 I could live with `@since 2.7.0 BuddyPress` , but there's a small issue
 with this. Multiple `@since` tags are supported, which act as a kind-of
 changelog. Here's an example from BuddyPress where we do this already:

  * @since BuddyPress (1.6.0)
  * @since BuddyPress (2.3.0) We only support Akismet 3+.

 ...would look like...

  * @since 1.6.0 BuddyPress
  * @since 2.3.0 BuddyPress We only support Akismet 3+.

 These descriptions show up inside the WP-Parser generated pages (this is
 the tool that powers developer.wordpress.org).

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