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#6576: @since standard not parseable with phpDocumentor 2
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 For 2.4, I'm going to help get devhub set up for BuddyPress (i.e.
 developer.wordpress.org), and a lot of this involves running a WP-Parser
 project on our code base, and it auto-creates documentation from that. For
 the code, this is done via the phpDocumentor parser libraries.

 I've been testing this, and an issue that's come up immediately is our
 @since tags. `@since BuddyPress (1.0) YOLO` does not confirm to the
 relevant standards, see
 http://phpdoc.org/docs/latest/references/phpdoc/tags/since.html, which
 means the @since tags are not parsed/extracted correctly.

 There are two ways forward: 1) add filters to WP-Parser to parse our non-
 standard @since tag (PHP standards, not just WordPress'), or 2) change our
 @since tags back to what they were: `@since 1.0 YOLO`.

 I am inclined to suggest the latter because I don't think we win anything
 from not sticking to PHP standards in this area.

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