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#6570: Add UI for adding Profile Header Images for Users and Groups
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Comment (by imath):

 Thanks johnjamesjacoby for your feedback.

 I think i forgot the most important in my previous comment : "Why should
 we use/extend add_theme_support() ?"

 I'm sorry about this. I understand your point of view and the one of
 modemlooper about it and the philosophy behind that everything should be
 compatible with any theme. BP Theme Compat is great and i wasn't trying to
 move backward.

 Maybe i was influenced by all the feedbacks about "this is a theme
 feature.." and this
 particular part] during our last dev-chat.

 Even if in the case of the cover image i am convinced we should use
 `add_theme_support()` to have a safer feature, i will not insist too much
 about it :)

 If the goal with this feature is to basically put an image inside the
 #item-header by injecting a new div so that we are sure to find it. I'm ok
 that we don't need  `add_theme_support()` we can simply add some uploads
 functionality with a very large image and we're done. But this won't be
 great, this will look like this :
 So anyway, this basic feature will require people to adapt their css
 because, i'm sorry but this is terribly ugly :)

 If the goal is to have a nice cover image feature that any theme can
 implement & control the best way, then we should be there to provide them
 all the help in the upload (/crop if needed) process part and leave them
 the maximum freedom to make it look awesome into their themes. In a way be
 in the API part and leave them control the layout part.

 People may have overriden templates, changed div ids, themes can want a
 specific height x width, put some white text in cover image, move the
 avatar.. (a bit like i did in my screenshots), that's a lot of unknown
 things... I think the best way to achieve it is by injecting some css
 dynamically thanks to the callback part that themes will be able to
 completely control according to their layout, content width, screen sizes

 That's what the patch was suggesting. I did nothing about uploads because
 i'd like first to have your feedbacks about all the ideas i have in mind
 and that i've shared in the end of my previous long comment :)

 Again, i think it's the right/safest move but i can be wrong, and if you
 think i am, then i'll do something very basic and will concentrate on the
 most interesting thing to me > The Attachments API/UI part :)

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