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#5954: privacy options for @mentions
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Comment (by dtc7240):

 Hi @DjPaul,

 I know it's been six months, but I just inadvertently stumbled upon this
 old ticket that I created and forgot about.  It's actually not my first
 trac ticket, but thanks for the welcome!  I had a couple some time before
 this that have since become part of the code base, and I've got a couple
 of new ones out there now (which is how I stumbled upon this one).

 This is actually a valuable little functional addition that has been
 running flawlessly on our site (www.prayout.com) for some time.

 I think it's very valuable to allow users to still accept @mentions (not
 disable them completely via settings), but remove themselves from ones
 they don't wish to be part of (or see somewhere on their profile).
 Therefore, it works quite well, and I'd love to see it get a little love
 in the BuddyPress community (although I already have it running).

 Think there is any chance of taking another look at it?


 P.S.  What we REALLY NEED (from an SQL perspective) is a much better way
 of storing @mentions than digging through comment fields in the database!!

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