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#6057: Comment notification NOT notified
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Component:  Component - Notifications  |     Version:  2.0.3
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 I see this issue has gone kind of cold because no one has offered input on
 how to handle the case of a single notification alluding to multiple
 replies, and I'd like to weigh in.  I currently have great need of reply
 notifications entering the wp_bp_notifications table (reference ticket
 #6375 that I just created for an explanation of why), and I see that many
 others desire it strongly as well.

 As @imath says, the solution is pretty straight forward if we just knew
 where to point the notification anchor link in the event more than one
 comment/reply is added to more than one activity.  Frankly, after looking
 through the code, I can't find a case where a "multiple" might occur!

 I know we were looking at the @-mention notifications as a reference
 point, and I can see that that code accounts for multiples, but I can't
 think of a single condition in which a multiple might be generated within
 the @-mention notifications system, as these notifications (as well as
 replies) are generated as a single activity/comment is saved.  Perhaps
 someone was planning for the future and the ability to allow users to
 choose just one notification a day with everything for the day in it?  Or
 there could well be something I am just missing.

 Regardless of whether there exists a condition that would generate a
 notification referring to multiple @-mentions, the code that currently
 sends the email notifications regarding replies (the
 "bp_activity_new_comment_notification" function) '''does not appear''' to
 account for any case of multiple's anyway, thereby negating the need for
 the answer we are waiting on.

 Therefore, it's my vote that @imath :-) go ahead and put a solution

 My apologies if I've simply missed something and shredded any credibility
 I might have had…


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