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#6290: Avatars, an extensible UI
 Reporter:  imath                   |       Owner:  imath
     Type:  idea                    |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal                  |   Milestone:  2.3
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 Severity:  normal                  |  Resolution:
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Comment (by imath):

 Apart from concerns related to where to put the templates, how to name the
 folder, how to load the templates...

 These last 2 days i had a fight with Internet Explorer 8, testing the
 patch in it. In the end, i don't know if i should kill him or kiss him!

 So 6290.09.patch is bringing compatibility with IE8, improving our
 BuddyPress plupload file and revealing a problem in the

 How works plupload ? You set the available runtimes in your script, that's
 what we're doing in {{{bp_attachments_get_plupload_default_settings()}}}
 and the library will use the first runtime available. So far as i've
 tested in Chrome/Safari and Firefox, i was always getting the html5
 runtime. But with my tests in IE8, once i've resolved some javascript
 issues (that was the most painful 2 days of my coding life!), i've found
 that, as we are falling back on the flash runtime, the
 {{{bp_core_check_avatar_type()}}} keeps on returning a file extension
 error despite the file is a jpg, png or gif image. I then checked in
 Chrome by disabling html5 and the same issue showed up.

 Here's a little summary of my tests with supported image files :

 Reason: in flash the mime type is 'application/octet-stream' and not
 {{{preg_match('/(jpe?g|gif|png)$/i', $file_type ) )}}}. This is not
 happening when you rely on WordPress to upload your file because WordPress
 uses {{{wp_check_filetype_and_ext()}}}. Hopefully, thanks to DJPaul
 there's a ticket (#6336) about this, so i just added a new version of
 the attached patch] and it's solving the issue in IE8 (actually with

 - I still need to improve the javascript strategy in case the plupload
 runtime happens to be html4.
 - I still need to check IE versions that are supporting html5 uploads eg:
 10 & 11. Thanks to hnla we confirmed yesterday that 6290.08.patch was
 failing in these two browsers. I hope 6290.09.patch will fix the trouble
 in these, else i guess i'll need to virtualize WIN/IE !

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