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#6351: Add Grunt task to llint SCSS files
 Reporter:  netweb                 |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement            |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                 |   Milestone:  2.3
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Comment (by hnla):

 If the result of the above 'grunt' thing is that it fails to compile a
 file then a few things ought to be thought about please:

 >DuplicateProperty: Property `font-size`
 this is how mixins in respect of font-size work where fallback is required
 for IE where rems are not groked the pixel size is stated first for
 browsers then overridden with rem unit for browsers that understand it, or
 do you prefer we simply drop pixel support?

 > ImportantRule: !important should not be used
 This is a dangerous assertion, I'm more than aware of why this shouldn't
 be used and have railed against it'suse til blue in the face, however it's
 largely become a problem due to inexperienced WP coders believing or mis-
 understanding it's use or used to try and bludgeon their rules into
 sticking - once this has been used or a ruleset has been needlessly over
 weighted there arises situations where the only option is to use it
 despite the horror in having to as noted in my comment where used - it's a
 nice rule to impose but frankly the horse has bolted, of course we could
 simply try to overspecify our selectors but then that might lead to the
 next test fail

 >SelectorDepth: Selector should have depth of applicability no greater
 than 5
 Although I think this might have ramifications as above, the particular
 occurence as noted could probably take scrutiny and possible refining, not
 really sure at this moment what is really the issue as the compiled css
 looks ok.

 >ColorVariable: Color literals like... (should only be used in variabals)
 While I was going to add a section to manage color declarations via
 variables, I think forcing this as an absolute condition isn't right, but
 hey ho.

 >HexNotation: Color `#F2F2F2` should be written as `#f2f2f2`
 This is simply a hindrance and irelevent, no one should really care that
 much on something like this, many tools used to color pick will
 automatically use uppercase and if providing copy and paste will paste in
 that format meaning one has to then backspace over and re-write to

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