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#6286: Directories filtered by member roles
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 Replying to [comment:21 espellcaste]:
 > Agree that example.com/members/type/foo implies a hierarchy that does
 not exist. But in case it's decided to go in this way, would it be
 translatable or editable? The "type" part?
 > For example, in Brazilian Portuguese, "type" doesn't make much sense.

 Yes, we'll do something - this was the "l18n" point discussed above.
 Either a constant, or a filter, or a translatable string, or some
 combination of these. The parallel case in WP is taxonomy bases - like
 'category' in `example.com/category/foo/` - which are editable on
 Dashboard > Permalinks. We don't currently have a UI for editing any
 slugs, and I imagine that once we do, these slugs will be editable there.
 See #2086, #4954.

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