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#6344: Visibility levels: naming
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > Normal buddypress installs should not be affected with a name/key change
 like that or would they?

 They would. The 'id' is what we store in usermeta to identify a user's
 settings. So we'd have to swap it out for every member on the site.
 Because the data is in a serialized array (for some annoying historical
 reasons), we would have to do it in PHP rather than pure MySQL. This means
 that it'll be a fairly heavy operation on large sites, meaning that we'd
 have to have an asynchronous script for the migration. You see how this
 gets complicated fast :)

 Then yes, there would be a problem with plugins expecting the 'adminsonly'
 visibility field. When necessary, we will make changes like this, and
 attempt to inform developers in the way you've suggested. But we generally
 prefer to remain backward-compatible, unless breaking changes cannot be
 avoided. The current case is one where the implementation is perhaps a
 little unclear and annoying, but there's no real bug, so it's definitely
 not worth breaking existing plugins.

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