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#6297: Comments in Activity Stream don't link to Comments in blogs Problem
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Comment (by CliveSoulHeal):

 It would be better as [this comment] rather then [a comment] (to make it
 more explicit as a direct link) and it should to be the same styling as
 the 'post' and 'site' links - i.e. dark rather than the light grey of the
 'time posted' part at the end.

 Below is a 'vague' suggestion . . .


 I don't write software now BUT I did 30+ years ago, an academic research
 'statistical analysis' package. It was second to none because I actually
 spent hours sitting behind and watching people actually using it.

 What we 'think' is intuitive or even obvious from writing or even using
 the software ourselves is often not the case. In fact I was quite
 astounded at what people 'missed' and or how they 'thought' my software
 did or should work. I'd suggest that Microsoft 'obviously' didn't watch
 anyone using Win 8 on a normal monitor for normal 'general' use before
 releasing it for example?

 If you think about it everyone is sitting in front of a computer using BP
 (or WP etc) isolated and remotely from everyone else. 'REMOTELY' and
 absent are how things are done with software / computers and yet it's all
 for 'real' people. The only way you can find out how to 'really' improve
 something is to sit behind them (out of sight) as they us it. You wait
 till they finish and then ask them 'why' they do things in particular ways
 . . . or why they are 'not' doing something that seems obvious to us / the

 Writing software 'to do what it does' is just a small part of what makes
 up it's final 'real' live user functionality. What your software does can
 be brilliant to the writers BUT it might not actually 'functionally' work
 (or work very well) with real people.

 The only way you can find this out is to watch how people actually use it,
 preferably in real time. I can guarantee that if you do this (those that
 are writing the BP software) BP will change enormously (even more than I
 can imagine) and it will became way, WAY more functional and it'll
 completely out strip anything similar . . .

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