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#5429: New component to manage BuddyPress "attachments"
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Comment (by mazzamuz):

 I love what you guys are doing.

 Just a few thoughts as I've been looking at this rather extensively...

 "Automatically fixes the rotation of JPEG images using PHP's EXIF
 extension, immediately after they are uploaded to the server."  - its in
 the wp repository.

 I love the way http://www.buddyboss.com/features/walls/ did this with
 adding images to the activity feed. (http://www.plupload.com/)

 http://buddydev.com/ has good popular ideas around avatars

 Remember web performance optimization  https://wordpress.org/plugins/w3
 -total-cache/ and the like and hosting content else where.

 I'm working on a project which needs "hi-res"  (1024px+) images attached
 to group + members profiles. it would be great if the group/member avatar
 functions could return a "bigger" or custom image crop.

 I cant seem to find basic documentation to retrieve the images via loop /
 ID. ie:

 thats it for now

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