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#5642: Lots of problems in BuddyPress when opening it in PHPStorm
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 BuddyPress' PHP coding standards are pretty much the same as WordPress. We
 don't need to make changes to keep a PSR-* linter happy, unless of course
 some of those rules happen to match some of the rules in the WordPress
 standards. We also know there's a lot more phpdoc/jsdoc we can add to the
 codebase, and as you know, that's something we continue to try to iterate
 on and make better in each release. :)

 I am going to close this ticket because I'm pretty sure we have other open
 tickets about inline documentation, and that I'm pretty sure we don't want
 to meet all of PHPStorm's expectations.

 If you're still interested in writing patches to fix some of the reported
 issues, we'd love that. It'd be super. :) Pick areas that are being
 reported that are inline with WordPress' coding standards, and send in
 patches or a pull request on Github (etc), and we'll get those in.

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