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#5700: _x defect translations on each component loader
 Reporter:  danbp           |      Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)    |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal          |  Milestone:
Component:  All Components  |    Version:  2.0
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 the use of gettext's _x is defect for *some* translation of the array
 value directory_title.

 As example, bp-activity:109 use actually

 'directory_title'       => _x( 'Sitewide Activity', 'component directory
 title', 'buddypress' ),

 This example is not translated when using pt_BR po/mo (however the
 translation is ok)
 By using fr_FR po/mo the directory title is translated.

 This discussion gives you more details:

 To reproduce this strange behaviour:
 WPLANG is set to pt_BR
 WP language file is pt_BR
 Theme language is pt_BR

 I tested first with the (stated in the above topic) Mesocolumn theme in
 pt_BR. No luck.
 Then reverted to english and used a fr WP. Works.

 Changed for 4 different themes (2014 et 3 other wp themes), each time with
 WP in portugese then WP in french.
 Frenc is working, portugese is not. So it's clearly not a theme issue and
 certainly not a missing translation.

 So i twicked the php code and put it back to the old stylish code

 'directory_title' => __( 'Sitewide Activity', 'buddypress' ),

 This will work but we loose the helper text. That's not cool ! ;-)

 Apparently it's seems not to be a bug, _ x is used in many other places
 without any problem.

 The only weird thing is that the directory_title array is really affected
 and not handled correctly by gettext.
 Perhaps because a directory title is also used as page title witch maybe
 cause a difference during the loading of a component ?

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