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#5691: Field types hardcoded in admin Javascript
 Reporter:  drkane        |      Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  XProfile      |    Version:  2.0
 Severity:  normal        |   Keywords:
 In the "Profile fields" admin page (/wp-admin/users.php?page=bp-profile-
 setup&mode=edit_field&group_id=6&field_id=286), the field types with
 custom options are hardcoded into the javascript in the dropdown (the
 "show_options" function in "\buddypress\bp-xprofile\admin\js\admin.js").

 As custom field types are now possible this means that when a custom field
 type is selected, and it presents another option, the selection div for
 this option is always shown, even when another field type is selected.

 I think the solution is to generate a list of all the possible element Ids
 from the select option, and then hide all of them, before then showing the
 correct ID.

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