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#5665: Member blocking
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 Over a year ago I wrote this plugin
 [http://www.philopress.com/products/buddyblock/] - it has been very

 It basically follows r-a-y's description, except that the db table only
 has the first 3 fields.

 >This table can be potentially used by 3rd-party plugins to do some neat

 Yes, it'd be great for things like teacher > students, parents > progeny.

 re #2 Activity - I just use the 'bp_activity_get_where_conditions' filter
 and add a couple NOT IN $blocked_ids to the $where_conditions array

 >Activity at-mention filtering is tricky.
 Yes. Not difficult to remove, but rather should they be removed?
 So it's a UX issue.
 Members will want to know about public comments directed at them.
 "She said ''what'' about me?"

 I suggest that at-mentions not be removed, but a Report Abuse system be

 My plugin also does a few misc items you may want for the Description:
 - admins can't be blocked
 - admin screen to see who is blocking who, and create blocks
 - grant 'blocking permissions' to designated roles
 - cancel any friendships with the blocked member

 Although it would render a premium plugin obsolete, it'd be cool to see
 this in core, especially a relationships table.

 So if a core wants to peruse BuddyBlock, just ask.

 To see my plugin roster, visit http://www.philopress.com/.
 I just released a couple of Group plugins.

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