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#5632: Use CPTs for status updates
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 > It would mean storing the content of status updates in the posts table
 instead of the activity table. If you have 10,000 status updates, does it
 matter which table they are stored in?

 By itself, maybe not. But a P2 site is generally a single-purpose entity:
 the only thing it does is host a P2. A BuddyPress site potentially does
 many things, and has lots of plugins that are using the posts table for
 stuff. (Like, say, bbPress.) This could cause special kinds of problems
 for plugins that then need to query wp_posts data in specific sorts of
 ways that don't scale well. This is less likely to happen with the
 activity table, because (1) fewer plugins are using it for stuff, and (2)
 it's better designed for complex queries of the type that are likely to be
 made at it.

 Going to close the ticket. Thanks very much for the discussion points.

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