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#5784: Some more enhancement for translators
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 ==  I think it sets a bad precedent if it is used to provide helpful
 comments or other guidance for the translator. ==

 Do you really think that ? ;-)
 I guess that any translator could have access to any possible guidance who
 can help him to achive his work properly. Strictly following the mean of
 "distinguish beetween two identical english strings" is a little short,
 because if we want absolutely to be strict, each i18ned string should be
 commented, at least by using (For ex. //translators: this is a verb, not a
 word.)And so on. And that is far away to be the case with buddyPress, but
 also most existing plugins and many many themes...

 If the goal of a translation is to provide to the software to be used by
 non english speaking people, it's also the goal of the software developper
 to help this happen. But not only with the strict respect of an unwritten
 usage, or thinking about bad precedent. Where do you see a precedent ? And
 why bad ?

 Rules are made to be followed and calm down the folk, but rules are also
 made to be broken and let people go further sometimes. Sometimes they
 looks like a progress, sometimes like a revolution. And sometimes like a
 new maner to do things.

 And in this case, i'm afraid  that we have to take in account the end
 user/translator POV, with some master words such as clarity, efficacity
 and practicity. IMHO.

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