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#5784: Some more enhancement for translators
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 First, sorry for the errors on #5777

 I found some other places to add a bit more explanation for translators.

 The comments for translators are not very visible on the poEdit interface.
 And on the french version, we have Original text (the // translators:
 text) written in small (very small) caps.

 These comments for translators are not very used in BP (only 6 !) and are
 realtively recent. So i loose the habit to enable translators comment when
 working with poEdit. So probably also for other translators. And its
 finally better (and faster to rea) to get where it happens or what it does
 near the string to translate.

 In the Original text box, the string to translate. So in 2-3 cases, i
 added this comment directly into the string.

 If you want to add them..., here's a patch.

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