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#5777: Disambiguate the profile menus
 Reporter:  danbp        |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |  Milestone:  2.0.2
Component:  UX/UI        |    Version:
 Severity:  normal       |   Keywords:
 I'm testing 2.1 Alpha and preparing the next release translation and found
 some areas for improvement.

 Top right user menu and profile header nav and subnav
 need a contextual string (_x) on all items for better translation.

 0) Header menu
 Activity | Profile | Notifications | Messages | Friends

 1) Toolbar > User Menu
 Profile (/membres/user/profile/)
       |--> View ( /membres/user/profile/public/)
           |--> Edit ( /membres/user/profile/edit/)
           |--> Avatar ( /membres/user/profile/change-avatar/)

 2) Notifications (/membres/user/notifications/)
       |--> Read (/membres/user/notifications/)
           |--> Unread (/membres/user/notifications/read/)

 3) Settings (/membres/user/settings/)
           |--> Account(/membres/user/settings/general/)
           |--> Notifications /membres/user/settings/notifications/)
           |--> Profile (/membres/user/settings/profile/)

 On the settings page (3) there is a submenu with 3 items
 Logically could be Account setting | Notifications setting | Profile

 When you translate Profile into Profile Setting for this sub menu, this
 will also modify Profile on the Header menu and on the User menu. Bad !

 This is also true for Friends and Groups on the user menu and for the
 notification (read/unread) action button.

 Aside, what is the logic behind the use of %s for 1 ?

 For ex. Viewing topic %s to %s (of %d topic%s) = Viewing topic 1 to 1 (of
 1 topic) is a bit ridiculous.
 If you have only 1 topic, it is possible to write 1 topic (as used in
 single/groups/invites.php:14). Or this one is false or nearly 51 other
 plural strings could be modified.

 "Viewing topic 1 (total)" seems enough to me (and probably for gettext

 FYI, a good read [http://nedohodnik.net/gettextbis/ here] about Gettext
 usage (including plural arguments).

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