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#5762: WP Multi Network plugin & BP 2.0.1 signup
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 Hi there,
 Hello  there,

 I have a WP 3.9.1 MU installation with WP Multi Network activated. Network
 1 has a site A which is public and BuddyPress is not activated on this
 network. Here i need just the usual WP registration. There is also a
 Network 2 with site B on it (This is a subdomain of Network 1). On this
 second network BuddyPress 2.0.1 is installed.

 I noticed that new users are always signed up as pending users on Network
 2 even if they register themselves on site A which is a part of Network 1.
 If they activate themselves, they will become members of Network 1
 assigned to site A and will be even members of Network 2 but not assigned
 to site B until they log in on site B. However when they log in to site B
 they become an assigned member of both site A and site B. It is totally
 unexpected for me. Can you confirm this bug? Is there any code i could use
 to signup users only to the Network and site they registered on beeing
 able to keep them separated?

 Any help/hint is very welcome!


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