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#5753: Expecting a better Friends widget for the future
 Reporter:  danbp        |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  low          |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
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 Severity:  trivial      |   Keywords:
 The Friends widget looks very similar to the Members widget. The actual
 displayed information (newest | active | popular) are not the best IMO for
 many case.

 The first thing i would to know about my friends is if they are online.
 The active tab could be the right place, but it is not. It gives the
 activity history. Who really matters if his friend was active 5 mn ago ?
 This info is on the SWA anyway. He would probably be more satisfied to
 know he's friend is online or not now ! Even if that info is eventually
 crossed with the Who's online widget. But as the friend widget is only
 displayed on profiles, so we have this direct related information centered
 in the widget.

 The popularity of my friends is a very basic information, but this detail
 is on the friends list of my friend's profile, if i absolutely want to
 know that. All profile details can eventually be reached by activating the
 linked title of the widget.

 The newest friends is a reminder list, that's ok, but the secondary info
 about his registration is not pertinent here. If he's my newest friend i
 probably better want to now, as a reminder, since when we are in
 relationship and not since when my new friend is registered.
 The secondary information since 1 hour, or 1 day or 6 mounth or event 2
 years and so on is verbose. It's enough, as reminder, to know the mounth
 and the year and eventually since today. So todday, asside the friendship
 notice, became also a short reminder. Over the time for this inofmation, a
 vague timeline is enough i guess.

 Another point who would be fine, is to get eventually this widget all over
 the site and not only on the profile page.

 My demand goes for a better handling of this widget sitewide, with better
 informations to all members, not only for the profile.
 I suggest another head menu, firstly to differanciate from the Members
 widget and secondly, to be more explicit to what this widget provides.
 Perhaps adding some more option to the widget can let owners decide how
 and what to show precisely in this widget ?

 '''Relationship''': this is a personnal information for each profile. The
 date is mounth/year and today
 Membership''': this is a general information to anybody, the registering
 date (not time) of the mentionned users.

 '''Online''': personnal and general information (visual only, there is no
 need to additional information such as date/time). And if this tab is set
 by default, the profile link should be linked to the private message tab,
 instead of the profile homepage.

 Of course all this could be done by a extra plugin, but i consider that BP
 is enough evoluted to offer some better community handling on its own for
 now. Thank you for your attention. :-)

 See attached picture to understand what i mean.

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