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#4017: Group taxonomy
 Reporter:  boonebgorges  |       Owner:  boonebgorges
     Type:  enhancement   |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |   Milestone:  Future Release
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Comment (by r-a-y):

 I've been playing with imath's patch for the past day and overall it's
 pretty good.

 I came across a few bugs and have added a few enhancements in `02.patch`.

 `02.patch` does the following:

 * Fix issues with querying for terms when not on the root blog
     * In the `BP_Terms` class, I have removed the `setup_globals()` method
 and all class properties relating to the taxonomy tables and replaced it
 with `switch_to_blog()` / `restore_current_blog()` instead.  This is way
 more reliable.
 * Fix issues with the group tag box if `BP_ROOT_BLOG` is not 1.
     * Adds `BP_Terms::get_terms_to_edit()` and
 `bp_core_get_terms_to_edit()`.  `bp_core_get_terms_to_edit()` is used in
 `bp_tags_meta_box()` in place of `get_terms_to_edit()`.
 * Registers the "Groups" admin menu on the root blog's dashboard
     * I actually think this makes a whole lot of sense because as an
 admin, sometimes I won't be in the network admin area and will need to do
 some administrative stuff in the root blog dashboard.  Need some feedback
 regarding multiblog.
 * Registers the "Groups > Group Tags" menu
     * Removes the code associated with displaying "Groups > Group Tags"
 page in the Network Admin area
     * Instead, if in the Network Admin area and you click on "Groups >
 Group Tags", you get redirected to the root blog's "Group > Group Tags"
 page.  This prevents having to duplicate the validation and saving of
 group tags in the network admin area (lines 1581 and on in bp-groups-
 admin.php are basically omitted from imath's patch`).
 * When querying for a group tag, I've made things a little easier.  In
 `bp_has_groups()`, you can pass the following:
     * `array( 'type' => 'tag', 'slug' => 'THE_TAG_SLUG' )`
     * Previously, you'd need to know how to use WP's tax query if you
 wanted to query for groups with a specific tag.  The method above is much
 * Moves the frontend "Group Tags" fields from the templates into a hook
 (see `bp_groups_tag_add_field_to_frontend_group_admin()`).  This is so
 themes that have already overriden some of the group templates will
 inherit these new fields.
 * Modifies the look of a single group tag page on the group directory.
     * If a group tag is being displayed, a "Tags" tab is added next to the
 "All Groups" and "My Groups" tabs and the group tag header is displayed
 before the group loop.  This allows AJAX to work if you decide to click on
 "All Groups" or "My Groups".
     * Some cookie manipulation is needed here to set the proper scope (see
 `bp_groups_tag_set_scope()`).  Kinda hacky.

 This patch is not commit-worthy by any means.  I just wanted to put
 something up for review.

 In future iterations, I'd like to break out all group tag code into its
 own file - `bp-groups-tags.php` and make it so group tag functionality can
 be disabled with a filter.

 We should split up the patch into two.  The register taxonomy code,
 `BP_Terms` class and its related functions could be committed for 2.1 to
 lay the groundwork for group tags in 2.2.

 And in the spirit of boonebgorges, we need unit tests ;)

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