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#5436: BP_Core shouldn't run on 'bp_setup_components'
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Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 Boone hit the nail on the head here:

 > The basic problem is that some components are interdependent. In some
 cases, it makes sense to fix this by reconfiguring the load order of the
 components themselves. In others, the problem is that there's too much
 happening in a specific method, so that the interdependencies would be
 cleared up if the separate events were split into different methods that
 loaded on different actions.

 I'm opposed to doing too much rearranging of actions or priorities until
 we can clearly identify the nuances that are causing issues.

 > The problem is we load up the BP_Core class on 'bp_setup_components' as
 well as any other components on the same action.

 That's not actually a problem by itself. What actual problem(s) does this

 For predictability of use, the Core component should be subjected to all
 the same actions other components are (I'd marry it to the `bp_include`
 action if we could) so that it can easily be overridden, hooked into,

 Not saying this is the way we should go, but bbPress separates "common"
 code from "core" code (the same way we separate Member code from Core.)
 Common code includes API's used by m/any components, and Core code only
 includes the absolute bare minimum necessary to boot BuddyPress up and
 provide a UI.

 Perhaps by simplifying what "Core" means to BuddyPress, we can better
 identify what needs to be loaded in what order, for what reasons.

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