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#5360: Template hierarchy file names Codex guide?
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Component:  Core          |    Version:  1.9.1
 Severity:  minor         |   Keywords:  needs-codex

 The Codex article on the template hierarchy is extremely helpful but what
 to name template files may not be obvious to people unfamiliar with BP.

 For example, if I wanted to create a template file for member's personal
 activity, I wouldn't be using:

 * index-action-activity.php or
 * index-action-personal.php

 I would have to use:

 * index-action-just-me.php

 I might be wrong but you'd have to dig into bp-activity-loader.php to find
 out the slug for this action is 'just-me'.

 I think this is probably one of the less obvious examples because
 members/username/activity/just-me redirects up one level to
 members/username/activity - Also, the label for this action is 'Personal'
 - So users never really see 'just-me'.

 Could a list of all of the core actions be added to the Codex article so
 users know what to name their template files?

 Component names are obvious so are self explanatory.

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