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#5197: Access Member Profiles from the Admin Backend
 Reporter:  svenl77      |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  Future Release
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Comment (by imath):

 I know @svenl77 is/will work(ing) on this, but i was too curious about
 what could look like BuddyPress Extended profiles in WordPress Edit User
 Administration screen.

 So i wrote some draft code on my development config. First i began by
 using the {{{edit_user_profile}}} hook to load the different BuddyPress
 groups of fields directly into the user-edit.php page.
 1- This is a screen capture the
 user-edit page]

 Then i thought, depending on the number of profile fields, this can be a
 huge page to scroll!! So i've edited my draft to add a navigation using
 using the {{{edit_user_profile}}} hook and some extra css just under the
 "Edit User" title, and write some code to create a new user page to load
 in it the groups of fields.
 2- This is a screen capture of the
 navigation in the user-edit.php] page.
 3- This is a screen capture of the
 community profile page]

 Then i thought, as a community administrator, having the ability to edit
 the fields is great, but i'd like to have more infos/actions available for
 this community profile such as :
 - a way to spam/unspam user,
 - the day he registered,
 - some stats about his activity in the community,
 - a way to give plugins the opportunity to add some new actions in this
 So i wrote some other draft code to build an alternative community profile
 using the same logic than the activity/group Administration edit screen.
 4- This is a screen capture of this alternative
 community profile page]

 So imho, i think we should use a different area from the user-edit.php
 page like point 3 or 4. I like point 4 as it would give a way to
 spam/unspam a user from the Administration in case WordPress is not
 configured in multisite, plugins could add a specific metabox, for
 instance bbPress could inform about the number of posts/replies made by
 the user etc.

 If you think it's interesting, i'll attach patch(es) to this ticket using
 the different options or the one you think it's best.

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