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#4952: New template pack for BuddyPress
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Comment (by karmatosed):

 I just want to be clear, I am more calling for 'hands on deck' and more
 than just me doing this than stopping championing it. More of an SOS than
 abandoning ship :)

 I am happy to do more work on it if all agree it 'has legs'. Steering the
 ship solo for a while may have given me a slanted view but I still believe
 in this. I also am unable to complete parts of the scripting. I would hate
 for all the work that has gone into this from myself and others to go if
 there is going to be a template pack.

 I strongly feel whilst we can adjust some styling, the work that has gone
 into this deserves light of day. We had some good contributions from many
 folks on the wireframes and other stages. This is why I've pushed it along
 as much as I have.

 What has been happening is working from the wireframes then checking off
 as each template is done. There needs to be issues created for the js /
 ids (thought there was but can't find it) and also for each of those
 templates breaking down into tasks. I can do that this weekend to give a
 better picture.

 '''After thinking about this tonight, perhaps a better approach is

 1. Get that list up as I said. I'll try and go as macro as can for a good
 2. Take 10 minutes (or as short as possible) time during next week's dev
 chat and all talk this through. I suggest a quick round robin approach
 through core team opinions/interest/comments first. Then briefly get other
 opinions/interest. If the outcome is lets continue building we ask for
 volunteers, even assign issues and make plans. If it's not other
 debates/opinions can happen.

 I will note here something I do not mean harshly, we have to be aware that
 during building we need to be realistic about time people have available
 and also skills. There are plenty of opportunities to work on later stages
 of this once it's a patch. We need strong coding hands on deck at least
 first if this is to ever see completion. This needs if happens, to be a
 case of do not debate just to get a prototype. We can version, tweak and
 adjust until our heart is content once it's out.

 At least then an informed decision of sorts can be made. Above all we need
 to not stagnate as that is where we are currently with this. I feel even
 today in some way we've moved on so that rocks.

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