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#4132: Upload profile image at activation
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     Type:  enhancement              |      Status:  new
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 Replying to [comment:37 henry.wright]:
 > steps must not be seen as a 'barrier to entry', rather something that
 can be done in an engaging way 'after entry'.
 I agree.

 From my perspective, we should make registration as easy as possible...if
 it were upto me, I'd simplify '''1-register-form.png''' and have only
 email field there. We should email the initial password to the user. Email
 address can be used as the login name.

 But, of course, we are dependent on WordPress so I assume we need the 5

 While I view registration as "entry point" and think that it should be as
 simple as possible, I think activation is actually "after entry" in the
 sense that the visitor is already invested in the process...(s)he has gone
 through the big mental leap of deciding to join, and has provided his/her
 email. A couple of additional steps at this point don't deter most users.
 In fact, the users who go through the additional effort turn out to be
 more engaged.

 > What advantage does the sign-up step approach have over the nag
 As above.

 > My personal view is people love familiarity...People will be used to the
 sign up steps. That said, familiarity alone doesn't prove it's a better
 approach to take.

 As it turns out, sometimes familiarity by itself becomes a major usability
 issue. e.g. objectively, green links are more usable, but blue links
 became popular in the early days of the web and so they attained a certain
 meaning for people. There is an expectation now that blue underlined text
 would behave in a particular way.
 > The 'skip step' link is very important. If users feel it's too much
 effort to complete the step you don't want them closing the browser
 window, never to see them again.

 Agree 100%

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