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#4132: Upload profile image at activation
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 By the way, just for clarification:

 1. This is more or less how Facebook does it. Google+ does nags as
 mentioned in the IRC. However, I would go with Facebook on this one. There
 is always a trade off. If it's upto users many would never upload photos
 and consequently never engage in the community. Nags might work of user is
 already engaged and logging in often (email Nags would be spam, pure and
 simple). So there is a catch 22. Asking them to put in the extra effort up
 front is great for engagement. Even a little bit of time and effort
 invested by users up front gets them invested and engaged. .. There has
 been lots of research on this. Can post links of anyone needs.

 Also Facebook is more successful than Google+... In fact bulk of Google+
 usage comes from Google strong arming people into signing up for it. Just
 this fact by itself doesn't mean that whatever Facebook does is correct.
 In this case I do think it is though. Success is an indication that they
 have the capability to test many things and do what world's best.

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