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#5429: New component to manage BuddyPress "attachments"
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Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 This is a great first pass. I like the direction with making it a general
 attachments component that integrates with some of the other components VS
 hardcoding attachment integration into each one. I also like the idea of
 Gravatar uploads being owned by this component, and taken out of BP Core
 (similar to Notifications.)

 To your points specifically
 1. I like it.
 1. "Attachment" is a universally recognized word, and balances nicely with
 WordPress's "Media" which feels homogenized and ambiguous.
 1. No urgent need for a directory, but I expect we'll see lots of requests
 for it in core to address the "Pinterest" style social networks.
 1. Fine with Activity's traditional Comments & Favorite. Unsure anything
 would be both worth adding and specific to Attachments.
 1. This is the biggest sticking point. We need a flexible API that can be
 extended/replaced/pluggable and iterated on with relative ease. Filterable
 upload paths, uses WordPress core API's to it works with any other media
 plugins, etc...

 I agree also that "Photo sets" needs a new name if we use them. Not hugely
 convinced we should restrict attachments to living in any one
 bucket/category/album/group. Can imagine it being convenient to the user
 to show a UI that can filter attachments by the component they were used
 in, and being able to see attachments in: Private Messages, Activity
 Stream updates, Groups, Profile, Blogs, and then just general Attachments.
 Even in that scenario, I'm imagining "component" as a taxonomy term, not a
 literal hardwired attachment-to-component connection. That would enable
 custom taxonomy types for even more elaborate attachment groupings.

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