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#4132: Upload profile image at activation
 Reporter:  sooskriszta              |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement              |      Status:  new
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Component:  Core                     |     Version:  1.5
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Comment (by henry.wright):

 sooskriszta, boonebgorges

 In an addition to what sooskriszta has suggested, I think the 'before
 first login' part of the registration process can be improved also.

 ''Before first login''

 1. Complete standard registration form
 2. Send activation email if registration form data checks out
 3. Auto log in un-activated user with 'read only' capabilities
 4. User can browse around, see their uncompleted profile and so on... but
 as soon as they try to do anything such as send a private message, make an
 activity update etc they get a "please activate your account using the
 email we've sent" template notice
 5. At some point in time, the user activates their account via the email
 they've received
 6. User is now an activated member with full capabilities

 At this point, your steps 1 - 4 kick in...

 This 'read only' stage before activation gives the user a glimpse of what
 can be done on the BuddyPress site. A peek behind the closed door for want
 of a better phrase. I think this ''might'' encourage more users to
 activate their account. What do you think?

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