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#5395: Notify everyone that comments on an activity update of new comments
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Comment (by terraling):

 With WP comments where a number of people are responding to a blog post,
 say, the comment threads may be discreet and cross-notifications are not
 necessarily required.

 But, for me, at least, the BP activity stream is more like commenting on
 facebook status updates, where all commenters may expect to be in the
 loop. Maybe not always, and the FB solution is to allow users to opt-out
 of notifications on a per-thread basis (i.e. it's not in the settings,
 it's a discreet button somewhere alongside the original status update).

 The easiest way to offer an opt-out without complex UI would be to simply
 add a link in the email notification itself ("To unsubscribe to comments
 in this thread click here").

 On my own site when it goes live soon I'll just have to see how people
 respond, and add fine-grained controls if it seems necessary -- unless
 it's already added to core ;-)

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